Monday, October 25, 2010

101025 Monday: The honeymoon may be over....

When Gretta asked to make her own lunch for Friday morning, I didn't object, because she was staying over with her grandparents, and we both knew Grandma was going to edit and supplement her choices. 

But this morning, when she asked again to make her own lunch, I got to do the editing.

Here's the 'before' version:

Gretta's version:  Two boxes with two rolls each, smaller box with potato chips

It seemed a bit light on... everything but starch...  We edited and supplemented it together.  I have a feeling my lunch-making days are numbered, though.  Gretta would like more gastronomic autonomy.  Meanwhile, Hannah, Gretta's 14 year old sister, has asked me to start making her lunch to save her time in the morning.

At first I jumped at the idea, but now I'm not much enthused, as this request came with a long list of instructions and forbidden foods.  ("Nothing too healthy, or weird. Nothing I wouldn't like.  Can you put two cups' worth of hot cocoa mix in everyday?")  I doubt I'm going to be starting another blog called "Hannah's Lunch" anytime soon!

Here's Gretta's lunch, the 'after' version:

Left: potato chips and cheese stick, red peppers in flower shapes, green pimento-stuffed olives

Right:  salad with dressing in Winnie's head

Bottom: two rolls, green grapes


  1. Hello CLKL,

    My brother just asked me about "The Frog Lady", to which I replied "What Frog Lady ? The Purple Frog Lady ?"

    He said, "No, the Jewish Frog Lady".

    "Oh !" I said, "I don't know ... I seem to have lost her"

    So I came here via Twitter via your Blog and now here. (I am hoping I got your name right - I am sorry)

    Blogging about what you ate is a great idea to learn and look back on our eating choices and I always liked the idea.

    Even though I have the exact lunch boxes pictured, I'll never do it - I don't want to see that cheese burger or Pizza I sneaked in again.

    1. I am gretta and I can assure you it is no fun having your food watched