Wednesday, October 13, 2010

101013 Wednesday, Parshat Lech Lecha

Left:  white rice with croutons in a used teabag*, a packet of duck sauce, and dried cranberries in the green silicone star-shaped mini-cup, steamed broccoli with shreds of carrot, cherry tomatoes and black olives  

Right:  lettuce and dressing in Winnie th' Pooh's head, dates, heart-shaped banana muffin (made from Fannie Farmer Baking Book's Kona Inn banana bread recipe minus the nuts, with raisins)

Bottom:  Camel-shaped cheese sandwich with cheese, carrot, and cranberry accents, standing on a cheese stick.  (Camels feature in this week's Torah portion heavily - Rivka gave them water to drink, passing Eliezer's litmus test for kindness, and later she fell off her camel when she first saw Yitzchak.)

*  The Matcha tea I like comes in fabric bags.  I cut them open, empty and rinse them for re-use.  They make perfect quasi-disposable dried condiment carriers.

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